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but it is deeply influenced

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摘要: "TheGraduate"lookslikeaFrenchnewwavemovie,likethepenofTruffleorGodard.Infact,itisapureAmericanfilm,butitisdeeplyinfluencedbytheFrenchNewWave.Thisindep......
"The Graduate" looks like a French new wave movie, like the pen of Truffle or Godard.

In fact, it is a pure American film, but it is deeply influenced by the French New Wave. This independence has also changed the film logic of Hollywood.

The Graduate is one of the representative works of the American New Wave.

Maybe you haven't heard the name of this movie, but you must have heard the theme song "The Sound of Silence".

This song "The Sound of Silence" explains the theme of the whole film. If it doesn't break out in silence, it will die in silence. Some roads are not on the ground, but if someone walks by, it will become a road.

When talking about Graduates, we must combine the background at that time.

At that time, young Americans were rich and empty. They had a happy life when they were young, but after graduation, they did not know where the future lay.

This kind of confusion made them feel at a loss. They only knew that they could not live a life in a orderly manner, that they must be different, and that they only knew to oppose everything. The Beat generation, represented by hippies, emerged at the historic moment.

Benjamin, played by Dustin Hoffman in the film, is one of them. At the beginning of the film, a shot language shows his confusion.

First is a close-up of Benjamin. His eyes are glassy and he sits on the seat of the plane. Then the camera pulls back. The change of scene changes the camera from only Benjamin to a group of people. He is smaller and smaller in the crowd.

This segment of lens design indicates that Benjamin graduated from college and came to the society. He is no longer as carefree as the school. His surroundings are full of social experience, and he is obviously not ready, so he can only be unnaturally stiff in his seat.

Then there was a monotonous long shot, in which Benjamin was alone and there was a long passage.

The director takes this opportunity to convey Benjamin's future is still a long way off, and his confusion will also be a lot, and he is hard to find a solution at the moment.

After the opening, Benjamin returned home, and his parents prepared a graduation feast for him to celebrate his transformation from a student to a young man.

However, he cannot dominate the banquet held for him. Everything must be done according to his parents' arrangements, without any autonomy.

In the adult society created by his parents, Benjamin's future has been arranged. He will inherit his father's property and date his father's partner's daughter day after day.

Benjamin hated being bound. He wanted to break the shackles, but he didn't have the courage to fight.

He could not even say no, just like his relationship with Mrs. Robinson, he was always led away, not the kite pilot.

Benjamin talked with Mrs. Robinson at her home. Benjamin shot from the top of his head, and Mrs. Robinson shot from the top of his head. This kind of unequal lens directly shows that Benjamin was suppressed by authority, and he could not breathe, but he had to endure it.

Even in composition, Benjamin was imprisoned in the frame.

There is a picture like this. Benjamin reveals Mrs. Robinson's intention to seduce him, but the camera is not on either of them.

Instead, let the camera stop in front of Mrs. Robinson's raised leg. The audience saw Benjamin with a helpless face through the regular picture formed by her leg. The implication of being trapped in the rules is self-evident.

Benjamin wanted to break through the chain that was forced on him. He tried to vent, so he took the initiative to ask Mrs. Robinson to have a dream in the hotel.

However, his release did not solve anything, but aggravated his heart knot. The camera of him and Mrs. Robinson in the hotel room was tilted and irregular.

According to common sense, the shot of the two people should be flat shot, but the director deliberately went against the beaten track and added a montage clip.

This was done to highlight that Benjamin was still not free and restricted at that time, and also to pave the way for subsequent changes in his thinking and behavior.

Benjamin and Mrs. Robinson got what they needed from each other. They were not of the same generation and had no common language at all. No amount of magic was just an escape from the noisy world, so that they could be quiet for a moment.

Until Benjamin and Irene, Mrs. Robinson's daughter, dated, the empathy between young people made them close to each other and become lovers. However, the incident between Benjamin and Irene's mother broke up.

Benjamin didn't want to miss this relationship. He chased Irene's school and tried to save them who had talked about everything.

However, the deformed past was always a taboo between him and Irene, and it was also the estrangement between Irene's parents and Benjamin. Finally, Irene was forced to marry Carl, her classmate, under the arrangement of her parents.

If the story only goes so far, "The Graduate" will only be a decent and brutal tale of youth, but the reversal of the end sublimates the film and also sets the core of realism.

Benjamin drove recklessly to the church of Irene's wedding, snatched Irene from the wedding ceremony, trapped the chasing elders with a cross, and took Irene on a bus.

After getting on the bus, they couldn't hide their joy, but after excitement, they recovered their expressionless faces and dull eyes, which was a wonderful change.

A moment of passion is the madness of youth. They can only be happy for a moment, but it has no significance for the reality, because the madness can not be exchanged for food and rice. They will be dejected only when they understand this.

One of them has just graduated and the other is still studying. Their parents have been angered by their actions of stealing and escaping marriage. They can only go their own way in the future. Money and work will be the biggest problems they face.

Benjamin did what he said at the beginning of the film. It was great to break away from etiquette and advocate freedom. However, when life came to fruition, neither vows of eternal love nor unrestrained freedom could serve as a meal.

The so-called bards and romanticism cannot escape from the smoke and fire and the nine to five. Youth is staggering, but life is not. This script structure makes the Graduate not vulgar.

Rather than touting freedom, we put our foothold in reality, and made it clear that there is no easy life for adults, which made it stand out among youth films focusing on freedom. No wonder it has become one of the representative works of the American New Wave.

The films in the same period as the "Graduate" also include "Male and Female Thieves" and "Happy Knight".

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These three films were all born in the 1960s. They all promoted the process of New Hollywood and changed the current system of Hollywood.

At that time, Hollywood invited consultants to study why these films became popular culture, and found that the audience of films had changed, with 48% of the audience aged 16-24.

Almost overnight, major companies and producers fired a generation of writers and directors and replaced them with young creators to adapt to changes in the market.





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